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Are Black Women The Problem?

As a black woman is hard for me to see myself as the problem to why black society is the way it is today. Maybe, that's too generalized because I recently witnessed someone saying that black women are the reason the black culture is failing and that we are the problem for the black community. Black women can play a part in the challenge or the issue; I also think that there is always an easier route to blame someone else for what is going on. I'm not saying that black women are not to blame to a certain extent, but I think we have to consider everyone involved instead of blaming them for the whole problem or the whole result of why the black culture is the way it is. And of course, it was a black man that stated this, and of course, it is so much easier for a black man to turn around and tell a black woman they are the problem when in all actuality, it is not all on the black woman. I had to take a moment to look at myself, and I guess I can see where at times black women have an issue with taking accountability, and I can also see where we can make poor choices and lack ambition, but I think people are starting to disregard the role that the black man should play in a black community, as well. Also, I heard that black women are the blame for why black men are the way that they are. The reason is that we raised them, but what about the many years that we lacked support from our Kings. This does not pertain to all men, because honestly, my dad provided for my siblings and me. A massive majority of men in the black community have chosen not to be there for their children, and they use the system and black women as the reason why they are unable to do such. I think it is total bullshit, and I believe that black men and women collectively need to take accountability for the crap they have been adding to the community and that we all can do better by coming together, uniting, and supporting each other to make our culture better.

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