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Hello Libido

I am sure that there are many concerns around challenges with your libido in relationships. Many stories lead to divorce, partner sexual issues, and disconnect within the relational sense. The truth is that many mental and physical conditions can contribute to low libido. Those conditions are diagnoses such as diabetes, depression, and menopause. Some strategies that can help regain your libido or enhance your sex life are eating healthy foods such as avocados, bananas, or oysters, to name a few. Another option is to limit your consumption of alcohol because alcohol can have a direct diminishing effect on the performance of your bodily functions.

In some cases, you might need to seek attention from your primary doctor, but some options will not require you to sit in a doctor's waiting room. I also recommend setting a routine of healthy self-soothing skills such as exercise, journaling, and meditation. Some people can experience pain during sex due to illness, infection, or physical or psychological problems. In those cases, I highly encourage visiting your primary doctor to ensure no additional health concerns. Another challenge to be aware of is traumatic experiences such as rape and molestation, which can enhance pain for some victims. Here are some ways to make sex with your partner less painful. To have a less painful sexual experience, you must relax and breathe. Communicating with your partner is crucial, so they understand what you enjoy, when, and why you experience pain during sex. Also, remember that eating right and exercising can help loosen you up and make you feel lighter. The last thing you must do is ensure that your mind and body are in a relaxing environment. I hope you find this article helpful and encouraging as you navigate your libido journey.

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