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What do you do if your year does not start with the feeling of happiness? We are so accustomed to saying, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" that we do not stop to process whether we are truly happy or not. Frequently, people experience what I like to call "New Year Blues" because they find themselves caught up in reality or experiencing depression after the new year's celebration is over. When the fireworks are complete, they have to ponder whether they have completed the goals set for their accomplishment last year or are they still in the same position with no growth. New year blues can put a person in a deep depression when they feel inadequate or haven't served any purpose. As years go by, it is natural for a person to want to achieve something in their life. When that does not happen, or a person feels like they haven't done enough, the feeling of failure starts to kick in. Failure and Inadequacy are two battles that can be very difficult to face when you are already feeling down. Below are some ways to handle the new year blues.

How to Deal With "NEW Year Blues"?

  • Give yourself a break and tell yourself it is ok.

  • Start over and recreate your goals.

  • Create a realistic routine and plan. (stick to it)

  • Choose 2-3 Self-soothing techniques (such as meditating, reading, etc)

  • Most importantly add self-care time to your schedule.

If these suggestions do not help and the depression worsens, please seek help. You can schedule a consultation at

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