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Do You Thank Yourself? Gratitude Check!


Often we will say thank you to others as if it was an automation. When did you last look in the mirror and tell yourself, "Thank You"? You must remind yourself of what you are grateful for despite the issues you encounter in life. Sometimes, you may find yourself in low and challenging moments where giving yourself some love and grace will be a requirement. I encourage you to practice some gratitude techniques daily. You never know when you will have to have an emergency use or need for gratitude. I would love to share three gratitude technique ideas with you.

Gratitude Journaling

Here are some gratitude journaling prompts:

  1. I am grateful for.....

  2. I am proud of myself for.....

  3. I am happy that.....

Daily Affirmations

Mirror Self-Talk

Take a moment to look into the mirror and honestly converse with yourself. Stop telling yourself it is ok if you have made mistakes, and give yourself some gratitude. Then, tell yourself what you are proud of yourself for, and Thank You.


You deserve to give you gratitude. You may have made mistakes, but it's okay. Pick yourself up and try again. You can not wait for gratitude to come externally. So, please love on yourself daily by practicing self-gratitude. If you need help with more techniques or therapy, please reach out to our team at Inside and Out Consulting. Please call 334-544-0311. We look forward to supporting you.






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