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Are You Your Own Roadblock?

Roadblocks are there to stop progress. How many times do we allow them to take over our lives? I see people suffering with regret, fear, and failure and basically submitting to the roadblock. At some point, you have to get tired of not reaching one single goal. Do you want to be 50 years old still saying I wish I had done this and that?

I remember being afraid to take a step forward and take a chance with my business. I was scared that I would fail, I told myself that I wasn't capable of having a successful business. I became the roadblock to my own goals and success. Then, I would listen to other people telling me not to take a chance or stay in a job that I wasn't happy with. Sometimes, the circle of friends and family you associate yourself with will have everything negative to say to detour you from what you desire.

I finally became tired of my situation and went against everyone. I fought against Defeat, Failure, and Fear. I allowed negative comments and the people that were not supporting me to become my motivation to reach my goal. Remember, it is your goal and you OWN it. Stop letting people pay rent on the goal that you own. Take over your ownership and win with Success, Dignity, and Power.

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