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Tender, Self-Love and Care Society

Who are we & how can we help you?

We are so happy that you are considering joining our family. We create a safe space for our elite private members-only community, Tender, Self-Love, and Care Society. In addition to building meaningful relationships and having fun, we want you to grow mentally, spiritually, and financially. The Tender, Self-love and Care Society includes people from all walks of life who are practicing self-love to achieve their defined success and happiness, and we are here to help you do the same. 

With The Tender, Self-Love and Care Society, we are here to take care of you, no matter if you need some help reaching your heart's desires, if you're trying to figure out life, or if you're already on your way and want to become part of an inspiring community of self-driven individuals who strive for success, abundance, and happiness.

No matter what stage of your life you are in, the Tender, Self-Love, and Care Society can help you level up.

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Our Services

What we offer at Tender, Self-Love, and Care Society

  • Mentally, spiritually, and financially achieving your life goals and dreams ​

  • Taking care of your self-love journey and achieving your goals is made easier with our monthly group Life Coaching sessions

  • Members of The Tender, Self Love and Care Society can participate in a monthly group business coaching session ​

  • Access to all future Self Love Retreats is complimentary for member

  • To create a positive relationship with other like-minded individuals and/or business partners, you need a friendly, engaging network of like-minded people

  • Learn how to grow financially, spiritually, and personally when you attend Life Masterclasses

  • Monthly/ Weekly Intentional Self Love Assignments 

  • Self Love motivational mindset texts, Intentional Self Work, collaboration with accountability partners, annual Self Love trips, and monthly giveaways are all required to reach your life intention.

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About Dr. Sasha Mercedes

My name is Alexa Young

Sasha Johnson a Licensed Professional Counselor residing in the Atlanta area. Her story includes many accomplishments; however, the beginning was very bleak. Upon High School, Graduation, Sasha would marry her love, birth a son, and be pregnant with a second son all by the tender age of 19 years old. She would later learn that her husband had fallen victim to his environment. He began abusing not only substances but her as well. Circumstances would force her to flee with nothing but a few days’ worths of baby supplies moving back to her hometown of Montgomery, AL. Recreating a life from scratch was hard, she found herself utilizing domestic violence centers, clothing closets, and the system. This series of events would lead Sasha to continue to struggle. While trying to find her niche, she enrolled in programs such as Cosmetology and Nursing, only to fail! After taking a long hard look at herself, she realized that “I’m all these little faces have.” She goes on to pull herself up by her bootstraps and take control of her destiny by enrolling at Troy University with an unsure future. As a Full-Time Student, it was not uncommon for Sasha to hold multiple titles such as Waitress, Bookkeeper, or Network Marketing Manager just to make ends meet. The fact that she is still standing tall is remarkable!

Sasha fought many battles including depression, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, and the biggest match of them all, JUST to KEEP SWIMMING. She did not take no for an answer, to pursue her dream of helping others. To date, she is a Full-time Mom, Author, Radio Personality, Therapist, Producer, and the proud Founder of Sister’s 2nd Chance. Her non-profit organization focuses on supporting the community through similar challenging situations while breaking the stigma surrounding Mental Health. Inside and Out Consulting, her Private Practice provides Mental Health Counseling Services to individuals and families suffering from trauma, relationship conflict, and overall challenges. SHE WON and is looking to share her experiences with others.

I look forward to discussing future opportunities with you.

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