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In this book, the author, Sasha Johnson, takes a raw approach as she explores some of the challenges and experiences that she dealt with in her life. She shares her experiences with being molested, abused, and having mental health challenges. She also provides you with how she was able to get through the obstacles that she faced. However, this book covers critical details of her life. She also encourages you to journal about your story to encourage people to write about their stories. She also provides tips, affirmations, and self-guided materials in this book. She added self-love journey worksheets and activities to help others on their journeys. She wrote this book in this form because she believes that another person's story can prompt or inspire others in their lives. She provides you with areas to jot down and challenge yourself. She shares in-depth details about her marriage and how she was forced to escape the situation. She talks about her experience with suicidal ideations and depression. She also talks about her childhood and how it changed to get life. This book's stories were shared to encourage someone to keep pushing. She hopes that people are open and willing to connect with their inner selves to continue winning their life's battles.

Paperback: It's a Losing Battle But I WON Second Edition

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